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REALTORS and Property Managers

Our goal is to help you, help your client!

Gas Fireplace Service of Stafford works with realtors and property managers to provide everything you need to create a safe, attractive and functional gas fireplace within the homes of your clients.

At the time our NFI Certified Technicians visit your home, your Client will receive:

  • A complete System Check of the gas fireplace includes testing all of the appliance components

  • Cleaning and setting the logs to manufacturers specifications

  • Removing and cleaning the glass

  • The unit is reassembled and the technician runs the fireplace for 10 minutes, conducting a vent test, gas leak test, seal test and an electrical test.

  • The unit is certified safe and operational or you will receive a proposal for repair with pricing. Please call our office for seasonal specials.

  • We offer multiple appliance discounts at a single address

  • Our technician is happy to speak with any home inspector to answer questions about a gas fireplace.

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