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Home Owners

GFS is dedicated to creating a functional and beautiful fireplace to you to enjoy.

As a valued client, you will receive the following at the time of our service call:

  • A complete System Check of the gas fireplace includes testing all of the appliance components

  • Cleaning and setting the logs to manufacturers specifications

  • Removal and polish of the glass

  • The unit is will be reassembled and the technician runs the fireplace for 10 minutes, conducting a vent test, gas leak test, seal test and an electrical test.

  • The unit is certified safe and operational. Should repair be necessary, the technician will provide the scope of repair and pricing during the visit.

  • Please call our office for OFF season specials and Installation/Refinish Quotes

  • GFS offers multiple appliance discounts at a single address

As a Homeowner, you will know it's time to have your fireplace tuned up when:

  • You see soot building up anywhere, but especially if found around the outside of the firebox or on the termination vent cap.

  • If the PILOT is not burning and goes out after a short burn.

  • When your glass shows DISCOLORATION or discoloration appears on the mantles or other areas around the fireplace.

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